Crashing wave painting “Hawaiian Gold II” is available!

crashing wave paintng

The original has been sold to a collector and the prints are now ready!

My latest painting, Hawaiian Gold II is now available on RedBubble! This painting depicts a crashing wave along a Hawaiian coast just as the sun sets on another warm, tropical day. Perfect for surfers, vacationers, or anyone who simply loves the ocean, this print is available on canvas, watercolor paper, as well as metal prints and posters.

A new over-under reef painting.

20x20This past weekend I started the underpainting for a new over-under painting of a nurse shark swimming along a Caribbean reef. The underpainting is very similar to  a sketch, in that it provides a guide for your future brush strokes. It also helps with shading as you lay your paint on the canvas. I am highly motivated to work on this painting so keep checking back for more updates!


Hawksbill Reef Final

Hawksbill Reef Final

Hawksbill Reef is now complete! After many hours in front of the canvas (and many more cleaning all those brushes) my final vision for this painting is complete. The turtle rests on a 36″ x 36″ canvas and was created using oil medium. While the drying and curing process has just begun, limited edition prints will be available soon.

Check out a time lapse view of the creation of this piece here:

Hawksbill Reef Day 3


Progress is being made one brush stroke at a time. Adding some color, highlights, and depth to the new sea turtle painting.
I can already envision the sponges, soft coral, and small invertebrates I will use to frame this beautiful creature!

Interesting to note some of the color combinations I used. Hawksbill sea turtles have a great deal of an orange-yellow tint to their underbelly and flippers. Capturing the right hue and saturation is proving to be a challenge. After several attempts at finding the right mix and combining the paint on the canvas I feel it is satisfactory for now.


Hawksbill Reef Day 2

caribbean reef day 2

Ending the second day of painting with some great progress. In just a short amount of time I was able to sketch and underpaint the hawksbill sea turtle, granting me the perspective needed to place the other subjects.

The underpainting not only helps with perspective, but also acts as a base for any colors laid on top. If no underpainting was performed, the green hue of the turtle would be more in the blue spectrum. This is largely due to how thin I like to apply the layers of oil paints when working on the canvas.

Underpainting can be performed to create shadows, shades, and highlights, depending on the colors used. I typically like to paint shadows as dark blue, shades as Cerulean blue, and highlights as white, yellow or orange.

New Painting: Hawksbill Reef Day 1

Caribbean Reef Day 1

It is always an inspirational moment when you first lay paint on a fresh canvas. Today I started a 36″ x 36″ oil on canvas interpretation of a vibrant Caribbean reef. I am envisioning the addition of sharks, turtles, and a few other surprises to this new work in progress.