Colorblind Artist: What I See

I wanted to share some examples of what I see when I view my own art versus what a non-colorblind person might see. Since my eyes lack sufficient red cones, I do not see red or green very well. Being protanopic is something that I share with 10% of the male population and is considered a disability. However, I am still waiting on my handicap parking space. 😉

Read more about being a colorblind artist here.

Islamorada Setting





7 thoughts on “Colorblind Artist: What I See

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    My box of crayons always had four colors that were the same; blue and purple, light green and yellow.
    Being red-green colorblind I can put the colors side by side and tell a slight difference. However, if you were to tell my that the truck I was driving in the late 90s was purple I would argue with you that it was royal blue. And I would be royally wrong. 😀


  2. Christopher,

    Very interesting. While studying a degree in Graphic Design I discovered that I was similarly colour blind. It was actually pointed out to me while playing snooker. A game I still really enjoy, however find it very difficult to differentiate red from brown. (Keep a mental note of where the brown is positioned) Creatively – I believe it adds another dimension. Inspiring work!

  3. I’m an author looking for someone to illustrate a story/fact book about color vision deficiency for children (that will hopefully give parents and teachers an education too!)Maybe the best person for the job is an artist with CVD. What do you think about the possibility and possible problems? It has to work for those with CVD as well as those without. I’m not colorblind but my father and my son are. My goal is to make sure grade-schoolers with CVD don’t lose confidence in the color-coded world of early education, and know there is still a world of opportunities open to them… including art!!! My website is Thanks

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