Colorblindness as an “In Joke”

I found an interesting t-shirt design from today that made me giggle. What I love about this shirt is that it spits in the face of colorblind artists like myself, taunting them that there is much more to see (even on a simple t-shirt website). Truth be told, I can’t read the shirt, but I am sure it says what it proclaims on the product page.

From a web design perspective, you may find it frustrating to compensate for a ‘disability’ (read about Mr.Lee’s unfortunate shopping experience at The frustration is that if you are not colorblind, you cannot tell what those folks can and cannot see. If you are a colorblind web designer you can’t tell that your color scheme clashes. Trust me, there have been plenty of times when I have placed two colors on the canvas that made non-colorblind people grasp their eyes in pain from the unnatural color combinations.

So the t-shirt is a great tool to help you cope with your ‘disability’. Wear it proudly. If someone asks you to take the inappropriate garment off, simply quip “I’m colorblind and see nothing wrong with this shirt”.

I say, f**k the colorblind! Myself inlocluded!

One thought on “Colorblindness as an “In Joke”

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I love your site and this blog.

    I have been searching for the past couple of years to understand what it is that my fiance sees. He is colorblind and has tried to explain to me, but I just couldn’t fully comprehend.

    I did, however, discover today (and wanted to share) that Adobe Illustrator now has a new “proof setting” called “colorblind”. Which I believe has to be pretty close. When I took a couple of photos and put them into Illustrator and turned on this feature I was taken to another world – exactly as was described by my fiance.

    I recommend anyone with a loved one who is colorblind, find someone who has this program and take a look!

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