Diver Dies as Florida’s Lobster Mini-Season Begins

A diver has died in Pompano Beach as the first day of lobster mini-season kicked off in South Florida Wednesday, officials said.Spiny Lobster

Joseph Grosso, 22, had been diving for lobsters when he surfaced unconscious around 8:30 a.m., Pompano Fire Rescue officials said.

 Lobster Mini-Season Safety Tips

 Officials said Grosso had been on a professional dive boat diving for lobster in 40 feet of water off shore when the incident happened.

“From what we’re being told, Joey had come up with my other son and he said he had enough air to go down and get one more,” said Phil Franchina, Grosso’s stepfather. “Went down by himself, must’ve got tangled on the dive rope and either got disoriented, but he ran out of oxygen. Ran out of air. They found him floating, sad tragedy.”

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