Software That Helps Colorblind

Being a colorblind artist can be pretty frustrating. If you are an artist then you know how tough it is to paint the right color of flesh tone. Too much red and the person looks fake, too little red and the person looks like a stone cold corpse. Perhaps that is why I don’t paint people often, and when I do, I paint them in black and white.

Back when I first found I was colorblind I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that what I saw, what I painted, was not what most of the world saw. After several months of wearing my ‘rose colored glasses’ (my red-lens color correcting sunglasses) I started to resent the world I saw. Eventually I settled back into a sense of security in what I saw and accepted my sight as the truth to my minds eye. Forget everyone else. I’m happy with what I see. So there.

Enter eyePilot.

This software, available for both Mac and PC opens a window frame over your desktop and allows you to select certain colors onscreen and see like colors. For example, if you cannot see the difference between Dark Blue and Dark Purple then you could select either color and the software will show you the difference. This will not help you learn color, but may be helpful if you were viewing an intense color map from NOAA or a subway map of the Metro.

So how would you apply this to your art?

Well, to be honest, I haven’t found a way just yet. I suppose if I were painting a Mystery Wrasse or a Harlequin Tusk I could use the software to figure out if the colors I see are truly blue or purple.

Mystery Wrasse from Reef-Lilfe.comHarlequin Tusk from

Images curtsey of Travis Staut of

But to be honest, I really don’t give a damn to go though that much trouble. And to my amazement the people who appreciate my art don’t care either.

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  1. I already read once about your color blindness as an artist. I wouldn’t have the heart to do this. Unfortunately my color viewing eyes are in my wife’s head 😉

    If you like to read some more about color blindness, my blog is all about it.

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